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Accounting & Tax
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We deliver services tailored to unique requirements of foreign-invested companies in Korea. Our professionals have extensive experiences of working with multi-national companies. Our specialized client services include:

Accounting & Tax Services
We are helping foreign-invested companies in Korea handle the challenges that arise from setting up accounting functions. Our outsourcing services of accounting & tax are enabling our clients to utilize various tax benefits, to reduce costs, and to focus more on sales activities.

Payroll / HR Outsourcing Services 
By utilizing our payroll / HR outsourcing services, foreign-invested companies can be relieved of jobs related with Korean social insurances, income taxes, and etc. Our payroll / HR outsourcing services also helps the companies to maintain the confidentiality of information regarding payroll / HR of individual employees.

Incorporation of Foreign-Invested Companies/ Branch Establishment
You can incorporate a foreign-invested company or establish a Korean branch as conveniently as simply by providing us a few documents including a 'Power of Attorney'.  We provide you the forms of required documents and then you can fill them up, get them notarized, and send them back to us.  

Audit Services
We provide a complete offer of audit services, specialized by nature of assignment, including statutory audit, special purpose audit, internal audit outsourcing, and various attest services. 


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